Matt Bouback - Head Trainer

Welcome to PCF! When I started PCF I had one goal in mind. Bring an affordable solution to the state line area that helps people change their health. Fitness isn't just about working out it is about changing your mind, nutrition, and attitude. Years ago I was 235lbs fat, lazy and unhappy. I knew I couldn't continue you on the path of destruction. My genetic code is made up of heart disease and diabetes. If I didn't do something to change my life I was headed for a collision course of serious medical issues. I changed myself completely. My mind, my body, and my overall attitude for life. My passion is for people. This is why I created Power Combat Fitness. My relentless pursuit of creating a family environment at each one of our locations and delivering life changing results for our family at PCF will continue as long as people walk through our doors. We will challenge you, push you, and work with you until your goals are reached and then we will push you some more. Thank you to all of our coaches, trainers, and members for making my dream possible. Email me anytime

Michelle Butterfield

ACE Certified Personal Trainer, marathon runner and a mom of two active boys. My philosophy for wellness is simple -- fitness can be and should be fun. Try our group fitness classes and you will be surprised at how fun, fast and effective your workout is. I love what I do and motivating others to learn to enjoy it is my mission. Looking for one-on-one coaching? I have worked with a trainer myself to accomplish my personal goals so I know firsthand how to build a good, solid partnership for success. Through my own personal journey of weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I am able to help others meet their goals and realize success. With hard work, anything is possible!

Running/ Race-training
Fat/ Weight loss
Cross Training
Balance/ Core Strengthening
Strength Training

Jerry Oleson

I.S.S.A. certified trainer, motivator to many. It is my passion to push others to achieve their dreams. I find fitness is an outlet for many and a lifestyle that all should embrace. Healthy people are happy people. Many fear walking thru the doors of the unknown in the beginning. Once a person enters the world of fitness and learn the proper ways of working out they blossom to a whole new confidence at the gym and in life. It’s a blessing to be part of that process. May you always strive to be better today because of yesterday.

Mary McKnight


Lee Gardner

Lee Gardner is known as the quiet terror. His name is only whispered and some don't believe that he really exists at all. Some say he's just a myth; a story told to scare children. What we do know is that those who bravely venture into the gym in his presence will leave within an hour breathless and exhausted. Sweat pouring and physically drained, they will weakly smile, knowing that they had what it takes to survive, confident in their new-found strength. They have conquered and are now ready for the next challenge.

Do you dare confront The Legend?

Crystal Soltow


Becky Tobin

Welcome to PCF! My name is Becky Tobin. I am the Budget/Finance Officer for the City of Belvidere. Although working in local government is an important part of my life, my real passion is running and exercise. I believe being physically fit helps make me a better person in all the other areas of my life including my career, my role as a mom, and my role as a trainer at PCF. I love pushing people harder than they think they can go. People tend to sell themselves short and put themselves in a box as to what they THINK they are capable of doing when it comes to exercise. I like to push people outside that box and let them see their full potential because that is when change truly begins to happen. My personal satisfaction comes from seeing how excited a member is when they physically do more than they thought they were ever capable of doing. You will not leave my class feeling unchallenged!

Tom Abraham


Steve Zahurones

Steve "Beefy" Zahurones is one of the most passionate trainers we have on our staff. This guy is the walking and talking example of what PCF stands for. His journey started back in May of last year where he was at an all time high of 315lbs. He listened to everything we told him to do. Never argued or questioned any of the advice that Matt was giving him. Beefy is down to 255lbs and still going strong. He has gained a lot of respect from all his peers at Power Combat Fitness and has taken on the roll of Kickboxing Instructor. He loves his family at home and at Power Combat Fitness and he loves to train!

Stephanie Gunn

My name is Stephanie Gunn and I am 33 years old, born and raised in Belvidere all my life. I have three kids my son is 15,my daughter is 13 and my youngest son is 3. I am a single mom and work pt as a Merchandiser. I have my CNA, food license and CDL. I am also involved with teaching crafts at church for our Kick program and I teach my daughter Girl Scouts troop. I just recently got my Bootcamp trainer license and I am working on getting some more certificate under my belt. I started PCF back in March 2014 and in September I was asked to become a trainer. I was completely honor to be asked to become a trainer. I love teaching everyone in class what I have learned to succeed my weight lost of 151 lbs in a 2 year period of hard work that has definitely paid off. I currently teach the 5am class Monday-Friday and 430pm Tuesday and Thursday. Yes I have already been told my nickname to my classes is “Burpee Queen” as much as everyone hates burpees they definitely do pay off.!

Jackie Vaupel

PCF Strong! That’s my motto! My name is Jackie “Jax” Vaupel, and I began a journey with PCF in August 2013 and have never looked back. I am a mom of two, a wife and full time medical techand I know all too well the struggles with weight loss and being healthy. I have developed a passion for training over the course of this last year, and I enjoy helping and teaching people. Seeing the success in others and people reaching their goal gives me great pride in what I do and what I am a part of. PCF is a unique tight knit family that we are all a part of. I’m not only on this journey alone but with all of you! PCF Strong!!