About PCF

Owner and Head Trainer Matt Bouback has over 15 years in Fitness Coaching and Personal Development and is becoming one of the most sought after trainers in Northern Illinois. His straight forward “No Excuses” approach and “Relentless” pursuit to change the lives of others has grown into this great company called “Power Combat Fitness.” Power Combat Fitness currently has two locations in Belvidere and Byron, IL. With a staff of over 7 trainers and coaches their focus is on functional fitness through High Intensity Interval Training, Strength and Conditioning, Flexibility and Core Strengthening, Cardio Conditioning, and Body Fat loss. The classes at “PCF” are designed for Universal Scalability, which means that no matter your fitness level you will be able to do these workouts. PCF facilities train at least five days a week offering multiple group classes per day. Each class lasts 40 minutes to an hour depending on the core of the curriculum that day. PCF classes are high intensity and high energy led by a motivating coach that will push you beyond your limits.

“We are not your normal gym. When you walk through the doors at PCF you join one of the hardest working families in the area. There are many great fitness facilities in the area and more and more people are turning to functional training to give them the added edge to reach their goals. I believe functional fitness will be around for a long time because the trainers and coaches of these types of facilities take a consultative approach to their member’s health. Our curriculum is designed to constantly change. We believe in challenging our members each month to take it to the next level. Many people that have started with us never thought they would ever be able to do box jumps, SSAMBUCAS, run a 5K, or participate in a high intensity interval training. We not only make believers out of them for our program, but we make believers out themselves. Every day I get the opportunity to change someone’s life and when you see people getting healthier, stronger, and losing body fat you know that your passion for what you are doing is all worth it.  We hope we get the opportunity to help you reach your health and fitness goals.”

Matt Bouback
Owner Power Combat Fitness

belvidere class times
Monday 5am, 12pm, 5:00pm, 6:00pm
Tuesday 5am, 12pm, 5:00pm, 6:00pm
Wednesday 5am, 12pm, 5:00pm, 6:00pm
Thursday 5am, 12pm, 5:00pm, 6:00pm
Friday 5am 12pm OPEN gym 5-7pm
Saturday 8:00 a.m.
byron class times

Monday 5am, 9am, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00
Tuesday 5am, 9am, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00
Wednesday 5am, 9am, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00
Thursday 9am,4:00, 5:00, 6:00
Friday 5am
Saturday 8:00 a.m.
Sunday -Spartan Training. Times TBD each week

Personal Training-By Appointment

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